Johannes Lohse

Contact Details

Leuphana University

Department of Economics 


Research Overview

I work as a W1-Professor in Law & Economics at Leuphana University and I am Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. I apply methods from behavioural economics to study the complex motivations behind cooperation, risk-taking, and charitable giving. A particular focus of my research is the provision of goods that benefit future generations, such as climate change mitigation. 

By uncovering the factors and mechanisms that influence these decisions, such as social identity, group affiliation, and the power of social information, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of economic behaviour. Utilizing both experimental techniques and the analysis of non-choice data, I strive to shed light on the cognitive processes that drive cooperation, risk-taking, and norm compliance.  A better understanding of these factors will improve the performance of organisations and institutions across society.

My research has been funded by grants from the British Academy, AHRC, UKRI, BMBF and other funding bodies.

Currently, I am co-editing a special issue on "Cognition and Economic Behavior" in the Journal of Economic Psychology.

I am on the board of Co-Editors at Environmental and Resource Economics.