Johannes Lohse

Contact Details

University of Birmingham

Department of Economics

Birmingham B15NWN


Research Overview

I am a Lecturer (Ass. Prof) in Economics at the University of Birmingham. I apply methods from behavioural economics to study cooperation, public goods provision and pro-environmental behaviour. I am interested in why individuals contribute to climate change mitigation, give to charities, or behave fairly and how such decisions vary with individual's social and local identities and the presence of social information. I use experimental methods and analyse non-choice data to understand more about the cognitive processes that underlie cooperation, risk taking and norm compliance.

I am program director for the MSc in Environmental Economics at the University of Birmingham where I teach modules in environmental economics in our BSc and MSc programs.


Working Papers

  • "Cooperating with the Future: The Impact of Contemporaneous Peer Punishment", R&R Nature Communications, with Israel Waichman (Manuscript available by request)